Switch over completed

Earlier this month, when I decided to begin a blog, I thrashed a bit and then settled on the Radio UserLand blogging software.   Then after a week or two of playing with it and setting up an inital blog, I talked to another blogger whose site I admire (Cryptogon) and asked why he chose the software he was using (eBlogger).   He said because it was cheap (read free) then but if he had it all to do over again, he’d switch to WordPress and host it on Bluehost.

Well, before I had myself too deeply into the Radio UserLand approach, I decided to make the switch.   What you are reading now is hosted on Bluehost and was generated with WordPress blogging software.

I can’t say I had problems with Radio UserLand in the short time I used it and I can’t say that I won’t have problems with WordPress in the future.  I’m way too new at all of this to go out on those limbs.

Frankly, learning how to setup a blog is a bit like wading into a new computer language – very heavy on the learning curve and very short on the actual product for awhile.  And, if you want to do anything other than use the plain vanilla layouts they’ve pre-setup for you, well that’ll be another deeper learning curve.

But, it does work out in the end and I’m to the point now where I think I can focus more on putting up content and less on how to put up content.

By the way, Bluehost has a plan which only costs $6.95US per month if you sign up for two years.  And, they have a script which you can execute, once you are signed up, which automatically installs the WordPress blogging software on Bluehost as your default hosted website.  WordPress software is free and this makes it particularly easy to get a blog up and running for those who are new to the process.


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