Bear Hunting Caught in Global Warming Debate

RESOLUTE, Nunavut — Bob Hudson says he has played in the Rose Bowl, jumped out of airplanes, scuba dived off Fiji and stalked bighorn sheep in the Rockies. But for all the excitement of his 67 years, there was one thrill he still craved: hunting polar bear in the high Canadian Arctic…

This story illustrates a point I’ve often made:

that in our efforts to achieve a steady-state balance with the biosphere, there are some cultural practices that we are going to have to dispense with regardless of our cherished ideal that all cultures are worthy and should be equally preserved.

By the way, this story (which you can get to by clicking the arrow) is in the NY Times.  They will stop you with a password query but you can get by it by simply filling out their sign-up for once – no money involved


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