An Inconvient Truth – Movie Review

The part of the review, below, that I’ve highlighted is, to me, the strangest part of all of this; that so much hard science exists and people still don’t know due to obfuscation from the oil and coal industries.  Ross Gelbspan called this a ‘Crime against humanity’ in his book, Boiling Point.  I agree.

The environment has not resonated much with voters or politicians in the past, though the increasing popularity of hybrid cars and eco-friendly products and services might indicate a shift in attitudes. That something so important could be largely ignored for so long is almost inconceivable, and among the things the film does well is an analysis as to why that is. A 2004 Science magazine survey of more than 900 peer-reviewed academic papers on the subject of global warming found that all supported the reality while none contested it. However, a like sampling of mainstream media found that 53% of the stories portrayed global warming as something that was in doubt in the scientific community. The mixed message has kept the automobile and oil industries in the driver’s seat and the issue out of political debates.

Full review from the Los Angeles Times:

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