Grrrrr … all browsers are not created equal

A few minutes ago, I asked my wife to take a look at my blog so she could see my new beautiful automatically updating weather icon (at the bottom right of this page).

Well, when she pulled my blog up on her screen, it didn’t look anything like the one on my screen. The difference was that she was looking at it using Internet Explorer (IE) and I was using FireFox.

For a few minutes, I was convinced that the change I’d made to display the weather icon was the problem and that it was confusing IE but not FireFox. But, after I removed the change, the problem was still there on IE and I began to realize that the problem was actually a post I’d put up three days ago about the Falun Gong. Apparently, within he HTML code I’d copied then to build the post, there was some ‘extra stuff‘ that was confusing IE but not FireFox.

The bummer was that because I always use FireFox for my blogging updates, I hadn’t looked at the site using IE for many days and therefore the site has been hosed for anyone looking at it using IE since the 7th of July. Grrrrr.

Dear readers, if you notice this site looking distinctly weird, don’t assume it is you. Assume it is me (probably is) and drop me a E-mail at dennis at samadhisoft dot com saying, ‘Hey, wake up there! Your site is a mess.’

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