No regrets

This is from an excellent blog named Life 2.0:

I think there are two principles that govern the course of our lives.

The first principle, and for most of us the default one, is one where we continuously   recreate our past. We recreate the past in the present by recalling it…. and the consequence of this is that our future becomes a reflection of our past.  When we harbour regrets we are simply reinforcing those aspects of our lives that we don’t like.

Everything that gets created gets created in the present moment…. the past and the future are just mental constructs – figments of our memory and imagination. But when we allow our present to be clouded by past memories this is the juice that is fueling our life.  When we allow ourselves to become hostage to our past thought patterns we might think we are OK and having fun, but we are about as free as lab. rats spinning in their wheels.

The second principle is  transcendence  – we can transcend the consequences we have put into motion. Cause and effect are suspended. Past actions do not become manifested in future outcomes. The past, no matter what it has been, is no longer a dynamic that must play itself out. Not only do we recognize the past is over, it is no longer at issue. We are able to re-create our lives anew.


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