Healing Crisis

This is an excellent piece of writing from Steven Lagavulin’s Blog, Deconsumption.

The world is quickly ramping-up toward a full awareness of the various fundamental crises affecting our way of life (peak oil, economic collapse, religious/resource wars and strife, climate shift), and on the coat-tails of that might even come the larger awareness that our problems actually extend beyond mere individual “issues”–that in fact it is our entire culture which has teetered beyond the tipping-point of sustainable progress. So whether we’re ready for it or not, the veil of illusion about our way of life is about to be ripped away for a great many people, regardless of whether they’re immediately affected by these issues or not. But as many readers of this site are doubtless already aware, that experience of disillusionment, in and of itself, can be extremely distressing.

Yet for some reason those of us who might be considered analysts of the impending collapse rarely speak directly about this initial period of “culture shock”–although it’s a shock most of us have personally had to struggle through. And I think it’s crucial that we do talk about it, since how (and whether) we cope with this anxiety determines how (and whether) we will be able to embrace the life-changes that are being demanded of us.

In this respect I thought I’d offer my own thoughts on the subject, and if other readers choose to share their experiences as well then we’ll have preserved on the internet at least one little reference–maybe a kind of virtual support-group–for those who are suffering from culture-change anxiety.


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