Sunday morning and it is HOT

Sunday morning 40 miles northeast of downtown Seattle I’m sitting at my local Starbucks at 8 AM and I’m sweating.   Yesterday was a bear at our nursery.  Over 90 and high humidity and the customers were out in force.  It was hard to walk outside without being fairly miserable and today looks like it’s going to be a repeat except that today, it’s only my wife, Sharon, and I working.  Nancy’s off to the Olympic Pennisula.

This morning, I’ve already posted on the United States’ failure to ratify the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and I’ve just seen another article I’m going to link to on the record heat wave sweeping California.   Hard to believe that folks  still disbelieve the Global Warming theory when  temperature records are falling all over the world this year.   I suppose when their hair catches on fire like in that episode of Seinfeld, they’ll get the idea.

We’re off for two weeks to New Zealand’s South Island on August 22nd and I’m beginning to get excited about it.   I’ll post more here as this unfolds.

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