Take the Tobacco Pledge

In another part of this Blog, I’ve written a list of things I’d like to see this country (the United States) do. An American Wish List, if you will. This item will go onto that list. This is a great example of our country talking the talk but not walking the walk.

from an Editorial in the NY Times – 23Jul06

Two years ago, the Bush administration did something uncharacteristic: it signed a treaty. The World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, known informally as the tobacco treaty, is the first international treaty on health. It pledges nations to take specific steps to reduce tobacco use and about 130 nations have now ratified it — but not the United States.

The administration reaped the benefits of signing in an election year, but apparently it has no intention of asking the Senate to vote on the treaty. This is a shame, because it could reduce smoking.

Countries that ratify the treaty promise to limit or ban tobacco advertising, promotion and event sponsorship; raise cigarette taxes; enlarge warning labels on cigarette packs; move toward ending smoking in public places; crack down on tobacco smuggling; and make it more difficult for tobacco companies to influence legislation on smoking.


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