060821 – Monday – Tomorrow, we fly

5 AM – Intense activity here the last few days as we prepare to fly to New Zealand. Accounting to prepare, a business to handoff, animals to arrange for. It’s a thousand and one details and any of them could be really bad if we let it fall through the cracks. Needless to say, normal luxuries like attending aerobics classes have gone out the window.

I’ve still managed to get down to Starbucks most every morning before Sharon rises for my morning coffee. There’s a group of people who come and go every morning and I have on-going conversations with many of them and it is a pleasure I enjoy immensely.

As the day begins today, there’s some last accounting to grind through, suitcases to go through their final assemblies, lists to check and recheck. At 3 PM, our dog, Patti-Cakes, will go in for a bath (so she doesn’t trigger our dog sitter’s allergies) and then she’s off to the sitter for two weeks. Yes, it’ll all come together today and if we manage it well, we’ll be able to go to bed tonight with everything ready and a quiet confidence – we’ll see.

I posted a reference to an article from Scientific American a few minutes ago. It’s a sobering piece. People are slowly beginning to get that the hour is very late on the issue of Global Climate Change and that nothing less than a major retooling of how the world’s civilization does things will be sufficient to prevent major consequences. But this dawning of awareness is happening far far too slowly and, for many of us, our thoughts are beginning to turn towards not how to continue to fight for change but to where to run to avoid the worst of the consequences.

One of the reasons we’re flying to New Zealand for two weeks is to begin to explore our options in this regard. I’ll have more to say in the future about why I believe New Zealand is likely to be one of the best places in the world in which to get out of harm’s way.

Midday – the beat goes on. AJ was at Starbucks this morning, the Sparrows got fed and a good cuppa was drunk sitting in the morning sun.

Now for hours, it’s been payrolls, setting money aside for known upcoming debts, turning my motorcycle in for maintenance while we’re gone, writing instructions sheets about various bits of technology we’re dependent on like computers, battery chargers, thermostats, and cordless telephones. Ah, but we found time in there for lunch (Thai) and that was good.

All in all, it’s busy as hell but I think we’re winning and it’ll all be lined up when we’re ready to go.

We are invited to dinner this Friday evening by a couple who lives in Christchurch whom we’ve only met via E-mail. Seems a strange and remarkable thing to be invited to dinner on the other side of the planet by folks you’ve never met. We truely live in an amazing time.

8 PM – Getting tired now. All of it is done but the final few things into the suitcases and then rest til morning.

Picked up another link to this blog today. Paul Hartzog, at a blog of the same name which I like a lot, has cross-linked back. Slowly, slowly we are building readership.

Well, I’m off to push a bit more and then rest. I may do a brief post tomorrow in the morning or in transit (4 hour layover at LAX). If not, the next post will be from New Zealand, mate.

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