U.S. Trade Gap Widens to $69.9 Billion

I’ve written before on the subject of the growing US Trade Deficit.  The US Government itself doubts that this behavior is sustainable.  But, it goes on and on carrying us into an ever shakier future….


Published: October 12, 2006

Most areas of the country have seen “few signs” of higher inflation in recent weeks, a new regional survey showed.

The Federal Reserve’s study, released today, also said that despite widespread cooling in residential housing, the nation’s economy is still expanding at a healthy pace.

The report, known as the beige book, surveyed economic conditions in all 12 Fed districts from late August to early October. It was generally more upbeat than the one released last month, which depicted a broader economic slowdown punctuated by less robust consumer spending, weakening residential home sales and high energy prices.

Since that survey, which looked at the economy from mid-July to late August, energy prices have come down and consumer spending has picked up.In a separate report today, the Commerce Department said the nation’s trade gap widened in August to a surprisingly large $69.9 billion, setting a new record for the ever-growing disparity between what Americans import and export.

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– this is in the NY Times and they require a password to read their stuff on-line. It is free and easy to get one and you only need to do it once.

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