Fox News Segment Falsely Claims That Denver Blizzard Casts Doubt On Global Warming

– Some months ago, a friend gave me a copy of Outfoxed – Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, which is a DVD expose of how Fox News works – and it wasn’t pretty.

– One of the problems with the world in general is that unless we exert effort to do what is in our best interests, we will all slide down the slippery slope. The co-opting of a major news outlet to clandestinely serve the interests of a political faction is what I’m talking about.

– What Murdoch is doing with Fox News is a great example. News reporters used to ‘get the facts and unbiasedly report both sides’ – it was a staple of what made decent democracies work. But a close analysis of what Fox is doing reveals that it is a very conscious effort to manipulate the perceptions of their viewers/readers in favor of their points of view. They slant things in favor of their ideologies and then cloak it all in the mantel of Fair and Balanced reporting.

– If you have doubts, and many will, get a copy of Outfoxed, Super Size Me and Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. and have a look.


Today, prominent climate skeptics Pat Michaels and Dan Gainor appeared on Fox News Your World with Neil Cavuto to argue that the recent snowstorms in Denver prove there is a Northeast bias on global warming. Both agreed with Cavuto’s claim that if more of those who support global warming did not live in the East Coast, or more specifically in New York, and were stationed in Denver, they might be more skeptical of global warming.

Michaels added that if you believe that warming causes cooling, you’re like my neighbors down in Virginia who think that if you put hot water in the ice cube tray, it freezes faster.

The severe blizzards in Colorado weren’t necessarily caused by global warming. But they also don’t prove that climate change isn’t happening. As the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, the frequency of extreme weather events “including snowstorms” also increases. Additionally, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2001 report notes that global average water vapor concentration and precipitation are projected to increase during the 21st century.


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