070223 – Friday – A Telecom saga follow-up

I wrote a series of articles (here: , , & ) while I was in New Zealand about the hassles I had with Telecom, the NZ company that has a monopoly on the country’s Internet infrastructure and which has that structure pretty tangled up.

I had problems from day one with their Go Large service. Skype wouldn’t work there without the voice stream being so chopped up that it was unusable and my DSL line would drop me repeatedly every 10 minutes or so and then automatically reconnect me. After two weeks or so of major pain, I found a work-around (I had to slow my modem/router down by half so the DSL equipment in their exchange wouldn’t drop me). I never did get Skype to work well. After a month and a half, Telecom finally fixed my DSL drops problem and I could boost my modem/router speed back up to nominal. Skype was a disaster the whole time and probably still is.

A lot of people complained and Telecom was polite when you talked to them but glacial in terms of actually doing or admitting anything. Well, the other shoe’s finally dropped as you see in the following article:


Telecom forced to refund broadband customers

Broadband users on Telecom’s Go Large service are in line to receive a refund of at least $130.

Telecom has announced today they are crediting customers of the service for monthly plan charges incurred since last December because of a problem with the management of customer downloads under the plan.


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