Net Neutrality – A major big deal

– I’m convinced these folks are right. We need to maintain Net Neutrality. Big corporations control TV, Radio and Newspapers. Virtually all the news we get is through a one-way pipe; from them to us. And that news has the spin they want to put on it for their good – not ours. Remember, in the end, corporations are entities which exist only to maximize the profits of their stock holders.

– The Internet is the one thing that has happened in recent history wherein media has been recreated as a two-way street available for all of us to use. Big corporations want to take over control of this new media to (1) profit from it by forcing us to pay them for their services and access and (2) to better control the news and information we receive for their benefit.

– We cannot afford to let them do this. Support Net Neutrality and contact your respresentatives and tell them that you do.

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