070228 – Wednesday – Opening Day

Our web site says we’re opening this Saturday, March 3rd, for the 2007 season. But, the other day, we decided to unofficially open today since we’d promised customers we’d be here. So, the gate is standing open as I write this. Here are some photos of what our 2007 opening looks like.

The nursery on opening day Customers are stacking up out there Snow as far as you can see


The cats won’t go out in this Fish in the pond don’t like it These Witch Hazels are very confused

So, come on out for our Spring opening. And bring your own hot chocolate – you mght need it <smile>.

Cheers, from Woods Creek Wholesale Nursery
out in the wilds of the Snohomish

— later.   I posted the above at 10 AM or so.   It’s now 1:30 PM and it is continuing to fall. Yikes!   I hope it lets up or we’ll be out all night  removing snow from the greenhouse roofs to prevent them from collapsing under the load.

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