CCTV shows officer punching woman

– This item was posted as a follow on to the previous article


Police are facing calls for an independent inquiry after CCTV footage showed a police officer repeatedly punching a woman during an arrest.

Toni Comer, 20, was being arrested last July for damaging a car in Sheffield – an offence she has since admitted.

Her lawyer called for an Independent Police Complaints Commission inquiry.

Police said they would investigate a complaint by Ms Comer but they were “happy” with the officer’s conduct. He said he had been trying to subdue her.

The footage, obtained by the Guardian newspaper and shown on BBC Two’s Newsnight, shows Ms Comer and a police officer falling down a flight of stairs outside Sheffield’s Niche nightclub.

At the bottom, she is restrained by a group of officers, with the officer she fell with punching her five times – although it is not clear on what part of her body.


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