Your world lies waiting in public Databases

– Recently, Samadhisoft (this Blog) and Immigration Orange, cross linked. This kind of cross linkage is important because it increases readership for everyone and it plays strongly to the idea that data should be set free by opening as many pathways for it as we can.

– These cross linkages have additional benefits as well. I generally cruise the Blogs this Blog’s cross linked with periodically to see what they are Blogging about. We tend to focus in the same general areas of interest but the world is big and sometimes they pick up on something I’ve missed and vice-versa.

– Well, today, I found a real plum over at Kyle de Beausset’s Blog, Immigration Orange. It’s an absolutely must see video about the data that lies hidden in the world’s publically owned and paid for databases. Some of the graphics are stunning – not for their beauty but, rather, for their implications and the insights they give into our world.

– Great stuff! Thanks, Kyle!


To Immigration Orange’s version:

Or to the presentation at Technology, Entertainment and Design:

– Note: I had the actual presentation here for awhile but it is pretty large and loaded slowly so I took it down. Follow the links, above, and you will find it.



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