070528 – Monday – CrashBlogging

One of my readers sent me a link to a discussion thread in which folks were discussing New Zealand and other places where one might consider moving if they are worried about the world’s future over the next few decades. The link he sent leads to a fun read: I recommend it.

In reading the thread, I picked up a new term, CrashBlogger. It refers to any blogsite that focuses on future global calamities.

Needless to say, Samadhisoft would be considered a CrashBlogger site given its central theme which is the Perfect Storm Hypothesis. I liked the term so I’ve created a new chiclet button:


which I added to the right sidebar of this site under General Plugs. I’ve created a category here on samadhisoft for CrashBlogging and anything I write that bears on the Perfect Storm Hypothesis will be so tagged in the future.

Anyone who wants a copy of this chiclet for their own use can find it here:

And, if you want to make chiclets of your own, I highly recommend this site:

And, finally, if you want to find ready made chiclets, try this site:

I also went to Technorati and checked for the terms CrashBlogger and CrashBlogging. There was nothing there- but I think there will be.

– thx again to Brian C. for input on this piece.

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