070818 – Saturday – After traveling

Well, I never intended to stop Blogging that long. I haven’t posted here since August 5th, just as I was about to leave for California.

But, the trip was too jam packed with stuff to Blog along the way and once I returned, my work and post-trip unwinding stuff was piled up so high there was no time for much of anything else.

Leaving for Kansas for a week and then three days later for California for another week has put me way behind the eight ball. And, in a week, Sharon’s leaving for New Zealand for a month so that’s causing a bit of a stir amid all the rest.


Thanks so very much to Joel, Gertraude and Alan and Rita who were all my hosts on the California trip. It was a wonderful trip and seeing all of you was very nice. And driving the California coast from San Francisco to Eureka was spectacular as well.

I’ll be posting some photos from the trip soon.

Duncan’s Landing, California

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