Trust me, Comrade…

Ah, it’s good to be back in the Blogging saddle. Yee-ha! Full of coffee, opinions and certainly no lack of material.

Yes, material. For I see the world hasn’t improved a whit since I wandered off into the hinterlands and stopped watching for a week or so. So far as I can see, everything appears to be tracking straight and true on its pending Perfect Storm trajectory.

Some people probably think I’m a depressed pessimist, but it isn’t so. The world is a mess and it’s distinctly getting worse. But, it is what it is. And yes, I’d like it to get better; but the world of men will largely do whatever it will do and it will have to be fine – however much I might wish it otherwise.

What I mean to say is I’m not putting on the hairshirt here and agonizing. Nope, I love my life and my wife and business and animals and I recognize my life has a huge number of blessings in it and I live accordingly – happy but engaged, peaceful but working for change, accepting even as I suggest it could all be a hell of a lot better. My thought is that we should always, always give away what we want.

So, where to start with the ‘material’?

Travel Sentry Logo

Well, my wife purchased some special keys which are Travel Sentry Certified. You can recognize these keys by the symbol, above. What this means is that the airport security folks have a master key so they can open all such locks at the airport for any necessary security inspections without needing to cut the locks off and thus ruin one’s security further on down the line. Mmmm.

It’s not a bad idea, I suppose – so long as access to the master keys is well controlled. Now, am I the only one who has thoughts like this?

Well, she came to me a few minutes later and pointed out that these locks we bought, under the Brinks label, say ‘Made in China‘ in the fine print. Oh yeah. That made me feel a lot better about how well the access to the master keys will be handled.

Yep. It’s a done deal. All you have to work out as your homework assignment is – who’s been done? Happy traveling….

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