071106 – Tuesday – Departure Eve

Well, this will be my last post until I’m in New Zealand in a week. It’s been an intense few days with packing and preparations. But, so far as I know, everything’s done and everything’s ready.

As always, I realize now, on the brink of departure, how much I’ll miss my wife and my best friend in this life, Sharon. She is truly a partner to build a life with.

We walked down to Paradise today – a place in the back of our property where no one ever goes but us. A tall quiet bank under some big cedar trees overlooking the place where a small creek that runs through our place flows into Woods Creek that demarcates the back or southern end of our land.

dscf0066sm.JPG dscf0067sm.JPG

dscf0068sm.JPG dscf0069sm.JPG


I realized then that someday we’ll sell this land and in spite of all the work it’s been to own and operate the nursery business here, I will deeply miss this land I’ve become attached to.

This is the first time that I’ve owned land outright without a bank involved. I can truly reach down and pick up a hand full of soil here on 19 of our acres and look at it and say, “This is mine.” – as much as anything is really ours in this transient existence.

Change is the one constant. An oft repeated idea- but true none-the-less. Age, movements, history, and fortune. They sweep us along and we keep trying to remember who we are and why we think we are here as we struggle to adapt to what life brings us.

I will not fear to love because I may loose what I love. I can’t think why I came here if it wasn’t to live and love and feel.

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