A ’51 Chevy and Olamendis

My son, Dan, myself and Lare-dog, a good friend of our family, all went for a ride around southern Orange County, California, on November 10th in Lare-dog’s beautifully restored 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe.

On the ride, we stopped to eat at Olamendi’s Mexican Restaurant in Capistrano Beach.

I shot a lot of pictures there (mostly for those American expatriots, in New Zealand, who are missing Mexican food and Mexican restaurants).


Lare-dog’s 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe

dscn0248sm.JPG dscn0247sm.JPG

dscn0249sm.JPG dscn0250sm.JPG

Olamendi’s Mexican Restaurant

This is the place! Los Tres Muchachos Our table

Local color More local color The bar

Your selection, Senor? We don’ need no stinking badges! Amazing table tops

Jesus Another Jesus Only the best people eat here

Dan-gerous The Lare-dog of legend Three well fed Muchachos

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