071210 – End of the Motorcycle saga

Well, I imagine most of you are quite sick of hearing about the great motorcycle saga. I am as well.

Today, about 2 PM, the garage my m/c was in called to say the parts shipped from Dunedin on Thursday had finally found their way to Christchurch Monday morning, had been installed and all was well with the beast. The starter motor brushes had been the problem and no new battery was required.

About 15 minutes after that news, the NZ Post showed up and delivered my DHL package with my m/c title in it. Given all the problems, I remained skeptical until the very end and only believed I had the actual title after I’d opened the package and gazed at it for a bit.

So, tomorrow, I drop the machine at the inspection station and I will have the original title and the required brake inspection so unless they find some mechanical fault, I should be legally registered by tomorrow evening.

It’s been quite an adventure. Thanks for reading along.

1985 Honda CB700SC - now a Kiwi motorcycle

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2 Responses to “071210 – End of the Motorcycle saga”

  1. awt says:

    It’s been fun following your saga. I wait to hear that it was all worth the effort. Now tell us about whether the weather impacted your nursery in Washington State, USA. Cheers.

  2. Dennis says:

    It did impact the nursery – but not as bad as it might have. Four greenhouses had their plants all swept down to one end and tumbled. And the creek that overflowed, came over Woods Creek Road and through those four greenhouses and around them and flowed into our front gravel road and down the length – until it poured back into the creek bed (wider now) and took most of the gravel on the front road with it. So, we were lucky compared to many folks.