A poetry blog

Quite some time ago, I put up a few poems here on Samadhisoft. At the time, I thought of it as an experiment. But, in truth, I wasn’t very happy with it. It was awkward, it was the wrong venue and the way I’d developed for displaying and indexing the poems was clumsy at best. I never really came back to it or gave it any more attention.

oldman-writing.jpgSince I’ve been in New Zealand, I’ve had some time on my hands and as one of my favorite pastimes is computer programming, I turned my attentions towards developing a better venue for my poetry. I’ve created a Blog called, SamadhiMuse. And, I’ve written my first WordPress plug-in to facilitate transferring my voluminous poetry into this Blog.

At the moment, it is a work in progress. One minute, I load a few poems onto the site to run a test on some function within the transfer software and then 10 minutes later, I’ve cleared all the poems off again for the next test. I’m currently working with an initial pool of 752 poems and at any point, you may find them all there and then a few minutes later, all gone again.

The software development efforts (in the PHP language) are coming along well, however, and I’m nearly to the point where things will be stable enough for an initial batch of work to take up permanent residence on the site.

Poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. I know that. But, if you are curious to read a bit, I think you’ll finds sides of me that you were probably unaware of. You will, of course, have to decide if that’s good or bad.


Update 15 Mar 08 – Things are now basically stable over at Samadhimuse.  Please feel free to browse the site.


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