Global Food Crisis 2008

– One of the more thoughtful Blogs around is Anup Shah’s Global Issues Blog. Here’s a piece he’s done on the current global food crisis. It is well worth a read.

– And here’s a quote for the article that I especially liked:

The dominance of the richer nations and companies in the international arena has had a tremendous impact on agriculture, which, for many poor countries forms one of the main sources of income. A combination of unfair trade agreements, concentrated ownership of major food production, dominance (through control and influence in institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and the World Trade Organisation) has meant that poor countries have seen their ability to determine their own food security policies severely undermined.

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Food prices have been rising for a while. In some countries this has resulted in food riots and in the case of Haiti where food prices increased by 50-100%, the Prime Minister was forced out of office. Elsewhere people have been killed, and many more injured. While media reports have been concentrating on the immediate causes, the deeper issues and causes have not been discussed as much.

This web page has the following sub-sections:

  • Rising food prices
  • Food prices or overpopulation
  • Causes: short term issues and long term fundamental problems
  • More information


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