Long Trip: Magic Mushrooms’ Transcendent Effect Lingers

People who took magic mushrooms were still feeling the love more than a year later, and one might say they were on cloud nine about it, scientists report in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

“Most of the volunteers looked back on their experience up to 14 months later and rated it as the most, or one of the five most, personally meaningful and spiritually significant of their lives,” comparing it with the birth of a child or the death of a parent, says neuroscientist Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who led the research. “It’s one thing to have a dramatic experience you say is impressive. It’s another thing to say you consider it as meaningful 14 months later. There’s something about the saliency of these experiences that’s stunning.”



2 Responses to “Long Trip: Magic Mushrooms’ Transcendent Effect Lingers”

  1. NQ04 says:


    I just wanted to let people know that there is a new psilocybin study underway at Johns Hopkins University that is recruiting volunteers with a current or past diagnosis of cancer.

    For more information visit:



  2. gypsyleif says:

    I have been growing and researching P.Cubensis for about 20 years. It indeed had profound healing effects both mental and physical. However I must interject…know what to expect and educate yourself. All these “laboratory results” say the same thing. Out of control, mass colors and patterns, vomiting, scared, bad trip. Since when? I am an avid user of P.Cubensis (B+ / PE) and have been on and taken hundreds of people with me on journeys, the worst side effects have been some nausea,cramping and minor body shakes.

    In small doses (.3 grams or less) you have none of this and you can function normally, many of my clients use this amount to help medical conditions they have. The ones who are new start with this amount and work up to find their threshold dose. Care is taken to examine all medication and mental states to avoid interactions.

    Yes many of us take 5 grams at a time….but we are experienced and educated. Do your research and you will find that death by mushroom comes from the news media when a kid picks a shroom from a field and eats it….well it happened to be the wrong kind, so now the media says he dies from “maguc mushrooms”. Hell they dont even know what one is nor do they care….its a story for the paper.

    After 20 years of education, experience and growing I still will not eat mushrooms found in a field. That is a very exacting science. Also when grown under controlled conditions with known nutrients and known strains, the potentcy of shrooms is the same every time. More potent than can be found in any field.

    Did you know ?…..no natural substance may be patented as a drug? A drug is classified as a chemical and must be made from chemicals to hold a patent and make money from it. Sad but True.