Happiness is for All Time, Not Just the Future

We get told to work hard for future happiness. When does this future happiness arrive? People work hard their whole lives, saving, so that they can have a good retirement. When we retire is when we’re meant to be relaxed and happy. This is the wool being pulled over our eyes. I feel that as a society, we’ve been brain washed to work, instead of enjoying our lives.

That’s what I’m talkin’ aboutWhen we’re old enough to retire, often we’re too old to enjoy ourselves. We’ve spent the prime of our lives suffering away, waiting for this magical day, and when it arrives we can’t fully enjoy it. Who wants to be too old to enjoy their life? Why should we wait until we’re past our peak to enjoy ourselves?Don’t put off your happiness. Live it. The only way to get to the future is through the present. It’s your actions now, your happiness now that dictates your future happiness. Even if we can justify short term hardwork, we have to be careful. By putting off happiness we increase suffering, as well as moving karma (habits) into a pattern of accepted suffering. People who work hard for a few months, when they get to the ‘other side’ often find themselves either bored/lacking or lonely. When they stop suffering, they often chose it again. It makes them feeling important.


2 Responses to “Happiness is for All Time, Not Just the Future”

  1. MD says:


    This by far is one of your best posts.Simple, elegant and poignant. Amazing for me because I am assessing my life’s journey and you managed to post this during a critical phase.


  2. Dennis says:

    MD, good to hear from you – it’s been too long.

    Yes, this piece came at a good time for me as well. It reminded me of a POV that is easily forgotten amidst the work of just keeping up with life.