1st commercial ship sails through Northwest Passage

– Humanity has attempted to traverse across the top of Canada and Alaska via the Northwest Passage for hundreds of years and many men lost their lives in the attempts until is was first successfully done in 1906.   The ice has always made it nearly impossible – until Global Climate Change.  

– Folks down in the more temperate climes may think Global Climate Change is just a rumor.   But, up in the far north, it is anything but.   And it’ll be coming to your neighborhood soon as well.

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The Canadian Coast Guard has confirmed that in a major first, a commercial ship travelled through the Northwest Passage this fall to deliver supplies to communities in western Nunavut.

The MV Camilla Desgagnés, owned by Desgagnés Transarctik Inc., transported cargo from Montreal to the hamlets of Cambridge Bay, Kugluktuk, Gjoa Haven and Taloyoak in September.

“We did have a commercial cargo vessel that did the first scheduled run from Montreal, up through the eastern Arctic, through the Northwest Passage to deliver cargo to communities in the west,” Brian LeBlanc of the Canadian Coast Guard told CBC News.

“That was the first — that I’m aware of anyway — commercial cargo delivery from the east through the Northwest Passage.”


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