New Blogroll entries

For those of you who might occasionally take a look at the other Blogs and Websites I like and recommend, you should be aware that I’ve added two new ones to my Blogroll today.

The first is The Automatic Earth which is written by Stoneleigh and Ilargi.   They describe their site as, “…a daily overview of Debt, Diesel and Dämmerung“.   Dämmerung being the German word for twilight.   An interesting combination.   This site I added based on how impressed I was with an entry I found on their site that I Blogged about earlier here.  It was excellent piece and I’m thinking that where there is smoke, there’s likely to be fire.

And the second is Canadian Paul Cherfurka’s Blog which he entitle’s “Approaching the Limits to Growth“. I could try here to say a lot of nice things about Paul’s thinking and his approach the what I call The Perfect Storm but there’s no need. If you follow the link to his Blog, he’ll lay it all out for you on the opening page. If you’re not hooked after that, you never will be.

– Research thanks to Kael for connecting me to both of these fine sites.

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