The dissolution of European cultures

immigration– I’ve discussed Immigration and Assimilation before.   The idea basically being that if countries want to preserve their current cultures, that they cannot allow immigration of peoples from other cultures at too fast a rate.  When new people come in at too fast a rate, they do not assimilate into the receiving culture.  Rather, they establish new cultural enclaves within the receiving culture and once enough of them have gathered, the country’s cultural identity is fractured and either a new hybrid emerges or culture wars ensue.

– The report, below, from Belgian TV, shows that this is already happening in Europe.  The same thing, I believe, is going on in Britain, France, the Netherlands and Germany among others.

– Perhaps the deepest irony here is that the very countries that most of these Muslim immigrants hail from have no reciprocal intention to accept large numbers of immigrants from other cultures.

– Can you imagine large numbers of European immigrants setting up ‘Little Europe’ neighborhoods in any Mulslim country, building Christian churches and demanding that they be allowed to practice their European cultural and religious practices freely alongside the Muslim  locals?

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– research thanks to Mike D.

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