Millions of cancer survivors putting off care because they cannot afford it

– For me, the purpose of national governments should be to make the quality of life for their citizens of the highest quality possible consistent with not depriving future generations of those same benefits.

– And it should not be to allow Corporations the widest latitude of action in their monomaniacal pursuit of profits.

– Unfortunately, humanity in the large has not absorbed this lesson and we are all much the worse for it.

– Witness this story from the U.S. – home of unbridled Capitalism.

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(NATIONAL) — A new study suggests America’s challenged and stressed employer based health care/health insurance system has come home to roost for millions of cancer survivors who are putting off medical care they need because they can no longer afford it.

The results, released online Monday by an American Cancer Society medical journal, shows that millions of cancer survivors are forgoing needed medical care because of concerns about cost or because they can no longer afford the care.

The new study, led by a Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center researcher, estimates that more than 2 million of 12 million U.S. adult cancer survivors – or about 8% of the total – did not get one or more needed medical services because of the costs involved.

And about 10 percent also said they had to forgo filling prescriptions.

The study is being called the first to estimate how often current and former patients have skipped getting care because of money worries.

Survey participants were asked if they had needed medical care in the previous year but didn’t get it because they couldn’t afford it. Cancer survivors younger than 65 were between 1.5 and 2 times more likely to have said yes to that question than those who hadn’t had cancer.

The study showed that among cancer survivors, the prevalence of forgoing care in the past year due to concerns about cost was 7.8 percent for medical care, 9.9 percent for prescription medications, 11.3 percent for dental care, and 2.7 percent for mental health care.


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One Response to “Millions of cancer survivors putting off care because they cannot afford it”

  1. M says:

    This simply can be possible. Didn’t your president and his group of democratic minions ram a health care package down our throats? I am sure this has, once and for all, solved the health care issue in the United States. So, what’s your beef?

    I am sure that the next thing he will do is pass a gulf coast disaster relief fund which will bring that issue to conclusion. He will need this because he certainly will put BP into bankruptcy, which will guarantee that they pay $0.00 dollars for this catastrophe. In case you have not noticed, a couple of weeks ago he was going to kick BP’s ass. Immediately following their one on one pow-wow, they instantly became his new best friend. Why is that? I believe it was the treat of bankruptcy that might have caught his attention. Nothing like on the job training for a complete moron.

    Oh, least I forget, the new tax laws will help pay for all of this. And, I could not agree more with your idea about breaking up all the US corporations once and for all. This will solve everything. Oh, what’s that, they will move even more jobs offshore? This will certainly help US wages which are needed to pay the taxes on the new and improved socialistic state you so desire.

    One more idea that I like is opening the gates for even more illegal immigrants to enter the US. They are adapting so quickly, not to mention the value added they bring. Just the other day one was plotting urban renewal for New York City. Oh lets not forget that Mexico is suing Arizona because they have the unmitigated gall to actually want to catch ilegals.

    Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it.