Faking it as a foreign executive in China

– Wow.   Talk about all hat and no cattle.   This really made me laugh.

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As China’s rapid development continues, some companies are hiring Westerners to pose as executives in order to secure more business.

Journalist Mitch Moxley worked as “quality control expert”

Canadian journalist Mitch Moxley told the BBC World Service he was among a group of white North Americans hired by a Chinese company as “quality control experts”.

The group pretended to represent a California-based firm in partnership with a Chinese company which had won a contract to develop a production site in Dongying, Shandong province.

“We were a fictional American company that was supposedly spearheading this project,” said Mr Moxley.

They were given leaflets and brochures of an American company for their presentations. But there was no such company.

“I searched high and low on the internet and couldn’t find any existence of it,” he said.

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