Four stories on China that paint the future

– I’ve been thinking that China’s future is going to be, to a very large extent, our future.   She’s grown so big so fast that the equations of world power have shifted visibly in a mater of  few decades.

– But, she’s hard to predict.  Her power is growing but so is the danger of self-implosion as the tension between the wealth of her cities and the grinding poverty of her rural poor come ever more into conflict.   She’s growing industrially but she’s poisoning the very land and water she stands on to do so.  And, her military power, thanks to the greed of the west and the balance of trade surpluses she’s enjoyed for so long, is growing to world stature while the internal pressures within the vast nation are threatening to tear her apart.

– And all of us watch fascinated as if we are mice watching a cat that hasn’t seen us yet slinking into the room.

So, four stories below that illustrate some of these problems and then a link at the end to all the stories I’ve reported on here on Samadhisoft about China.   Read it all and get a glimpse of all our futures.

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water pollution in china

Beijing’s Desert Storm

US says China’s military has seen secret expansion

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