So bad! – #1 & #2

Some pieces I re-publish are just so bad, I cringe.   These are two such.   I am deeply worried about what’s happening in the United States.

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So bad #1


So bad #2

Yow – we are all in serious doo doo if this is what passes for political dialog and thought in the U.S.

Postscript !!!

– Thanks to my friend, Kael, I’ve learned that the second link, i.e., the story about “Why do Hippies sill exist in America?“, is from a spoof web site.   Yes!   The site is a huge put-on by two fellows with a keen sense of humor.   Apparently, Kael says, this site has fooled many fanatical Christian types and I think that’s a hoot!

– This all explains an observation I made and was puzzled by last night.   I’d noted the author of the article, S. Billings, and there was a small picture of him at the upper right in the opening page so I clicked on it to get his bio information.   To my amazement, I found several ads on that page for questionable sexual services!

Ah, life has its humors!

One Response to “So bad! – #1 & #2”

  1. Mike says:

    Well I am not to keen on number 2, but I loved number 1. I guess I am not alone given the outcome of the November mid term elections. Dennis, tell me that you voted! The 2012 elections should be a hoot. Can’t wait!!!