Govt to consider making pay public

– Bravo, New Zealand.   Many countries say, “Equal pay for equal work”.   But somehow after the political rhetoric and hand waving, it never seems to get done.

– This idea in New Zealand, if implemented, may help to push at least one country to walk its talk.

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The Government will consider a proposal to allow workers to know if they are getting paid less than their colleagues because of their gender, but has concerns about it.

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Judy McGregor has proposed a new Pay Equality Bill which would require bosses to let staff know pay rates of colleagues.

Pay equity has been a hot topic with the Green and Labour Parties proposing changes and a row over comments by Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern chief executive Alasdair Thompson that woman got paid less partly because of time they took off because of monthly periods.

His future with the organisation is under discussion.

Prime Minister John Key said today the Government would consider Dr McGregor’s proposal.

“The Government will have a look and we will consider that issue,” he told Breakfast on TV One.

“What you have to be careful of is unintended consequences and privacy issues. So in a very small workplace, you could see how that create real tension.”

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