India corruption: Hazare heaps pressure on government

– This post is for, and in honor of, my friend Mangala Gouri in India.   She’s engaged on a hunger strike in solidarity with so many others there who want to see corruption eliminated.

– I applaud her and all of those like her who want to see changes in India.

– It’s been my opinion that graft and corruption suck the energy out of an economy.  

– Imagine, if everyone who wanted a bit of your gasoline could attach a small hose to the pipe in your car that carries gasoline to the engine.  After awhile, the engine would get weak and the car might stop.  Graft and corruption are like that.   But the car they are stopping is the economy that belongs to all the people.   The economy that builds the wealth of the nation.   Wealth that is used for roads and schools – among other things.

– Graft and corruption are just a way of stealing from all of us for the benefit of the few.

– Bravo, Gouri !   Bravo.

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Indian anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare has called on the government to pass a new anti-graft law or quit.

He has been on a public hunger strike since last Tuesday. An aide said he had lost 5kg, but was in good health.

Thousands of supporters are gathered at the vast Ram Lila Maidan grounds in the capital, Delhi, where Mr Hazare is conducting his fast.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the government is open to talks with the 74-year-old activist.

Mr Hazare wants to force the government to strengthen an anti-corruption bill, which he regards as too weak.

He was released from Tihar jail on Friday after his arrest last Tuesday sparked mass protests across India.

On Thursday, he agreed to a police offer permitting him to go on hunger strike for 15 days.

He had previously vowed to remain in custody unless he was permitted to resume the protest which triggered his arrest. His campaign against graft has struck a chord with many Indians.

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One Response to “India corruption: Hazare heaps pressure on government”

  1. Gouri says:

    Hi Dennis, Just saw this today….I was red in the face! Thanks, but I don’t deserve the applause…Hazare did, but India is still grappling with age old malpractices…will we ever change?