About Colette

This blog’s normal content has changed strongly these last two weeks from a long running examination of all the things going on in our world that I group under the ruberic, “The Perfect Storm”, to a blog which is primarily focused on my personal life.

This came about because Colette and I, my New Zealand partner and roommate (I’m living at her house since the earthquakes), have undertaken a two-month trip to the USA to tour the westcoast from bottom to top and back again. This blog then, dear readers, has morphed into my personal record of that trip.

It will, I strongly suspect, revert to its previous focus soon after the trip’s completed. In fact, it will do so and also split into two Blogs where there once was one.

Samadhisoft.com will be giving birth to a progeny blog called, cyber-chaos.com. It exists now but it’s not yet populated with posts. If you were to select the Category, “Cyber-Chaos” from among those in the Categories area of this samadhisoft blog, you’d see that I have collected a lot of stories in the last few months that I’ve tagged with this new “cyber-chaos” category. All of these stories will move to the new cyber-chaos.com blog because I think it is a topic that deserves a blog in its own right.

But, after this long teaser, let’s move into the proported subject of this post. I.e., “Colette”.

A good friend and a reader asked me who this ‘Colette’ person is that has been so prominant in all my posts since this trip began. So I thought I should say a few words about her here.

Colette is a New Zealander of Irish extraction. Her mother was born in Ireland and her father’s grandparents came from there as well. She was born and raised along with three sisters in the southeastern coastal town of Oamaru on NZ’s South Island. She went to University in Dunedin, New Zealand and has an honors degree in English and three post-graduate degrees in teaching, counselling and technical communication. She married after university and had two sons and has lived in Christchurch, New Zealand for the last 34 years. Her boys both graduated from univeristy as well and work now in the legal and banking sectors; one in New Zealand and the other in Australia. All this time, she’s worked for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice; first in probation and more recently in victim services.

She’s seven years younger than I am and very physically fit. She’s slim, tall (5’8″/173cm) and pretty. But, best of all, she’s an intelligent, sensitive and thoughtful person who is easy to get along with. I think a good way to describe her would be to say that she’s a person who deeply understands and lives the ethic that we should give away the very things we would like to receive in life.


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