Benicia, California – Day 4

We spent our last day with Dave driving around in the eastern bay area.

First, we drove up to the top of Mt. Diablo after coffee in Walnut Creek. I was last up there in, perhaps, 1979.

3800 feet up, the view would have been spectacular except that the peak was buried in cloud. But, the center the State of California runs up there was cool and we had a good look around it.

Then, as we drove down, Colette got interested in the cool fall colors so we stopped several times while she gathered some great shots. Then we stopped a place that I think was called, “The High Tech Burrito”, and we each had a big one. Yum, but stuffed we were (if I might yodatorialize).

Then we set Dave’s GPS to take us to Berkeley. Always a favorite of mine. When I’m in the Bay Area, I usually manage to get by for a walk on the campus. We had coffee in a crowded coffee shop on Shatuck and walked for a few blocks around in the area checking out the shops. We also drove up into the hills above the campus and checked out the houses and architecture.

Another GPS setting took us back to Benicia and a quiet evening in. Dave had a movie for us called “Reversable Errors” Tom Sellick 2004. It was good but long. We got to bed about 1100 PM.

The plan is to get up early and take off in the morning as we have a long drive to get to Bandon, Oregon before dark.


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