Kennewick, Washington – day 3

The day after Thanksgiving proves to be a quiet one. We sleep in until almost 830 am. Then we’re up for coffee and chat with everyone. Rose is still working at Kohls. Her shift was from midnight to 10 AM so we’re expecting her shortly and she’s probably going to be quite tired.

She arrives tired but perky and claiming she’ll stay up all day. Looks are passed among several of us and silent doubts expressed among them.

Her girlfriend who’d also worked all night showed up and more visiting ensured. It was suggested that all the employees who’d worked the all-night shift should gett tee shirts made to that effect.

Chris, Nikki and Sammy took off as they needed to be back in Seattle for work this evening. Pass conditions over Snoqualamie Pass were checked and it looked like they’d be OK. Colette and I will see them again in another week or so.

Colette and I decided to take off on some adventures of our own. The thought was that Rose would be more likely to sleep if there were no house guests about to entertain or take care of. It turned out, according to Alice, to be true. Rose was sleeping not long after we took off. It was at least noon before all this happened as we’d all been talking a lot.

Colette and I drove around Kennewick. First, we went over and had a coffee at Starbucks (and bought two small Starbucks cups) and then looked into the adjacent Wal-Mart. That was a bit of true Americana we both wanted to experience. A big walk around the colossal store followed and a few items were purchased (We didn’t want to be responsible for the economic failure of the Chinese nation).

Then we tried to drive up the hill south of Rose’s place to get the ‘big view’ of the area. That was only partially successful as the road part way up was blocked with construction. But it was enough to let us see our next goal which was the big Colombia Park just to the west of where teh 395 crossed the Colombia River.

The park was beautiful and we found a pond where people were feeding big geese and ducks and pigeons. That was a fun scene.

Twilight was coming on so we came back to the house. Alice made us a nice supper from the Thanksgiving meal leftovers. Then she woke Rose up on the theory that if she kept sleeping, she’s wake up at 2 AM and then lay awake all night wondering what to do.

After that, we had a quiet evening together and turned in. Another fine day.


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