Mt. St. Helens & Castle Rock, Washington

Today’s Saturday here in the USA and we’ve moved from Port Townsend to Castle Rock, Washington. 

When we left Port Townsend, we drove down the length of the Hood Canal on the western side.   I’m not sure I’ve ever gone that route before.    It was pretty but the fog was heavy at a lot of places along there so visibility came and went.

Our goal was to take a look at Mt. St. Helens today and then press on to Portland for the night.   We didn’t get that far.

When we left Interstate 5 to turn east to Mt. St. Helens, I misread the map and put us on a course for the eastern approach to the mountain from which one cannot get to the main observation point (Johnson Ridge) nor the Visitor’s center.   Colette was very kind about my error but, in the end, it cost us three hours of an already short winter’s day.

When we finally recovered and got on the right track, it was late and we just made it to our destination as the sun was setting. Even so, we still got some excellent photos.

Coming back, we decided to stay at a motel at Castle Rock just off Interstate 5 and to push on into Portland in the daytime tomorrow.

The weather’s finally come right today and we have (other than foggy patches) clear skies which always make things look nice.


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