Benicia, California – day 3 – Christmas Day

Christmas Day.

Mellow day all around.   Up about 8 AM to one of Colette’s nice breakfasts of fruit and yogurt, which she made after her morning run.

Then Dave and I kicked around doing various things while Colette prepared our mid-day Christmas meal in advance.

Once that was done, it was still too early to eat so we settled down to watch a film I had called, “When are we going to eat?”.   An hilarious holiday tale of a slightly dysfunctional Jewish family’s gathering.   Funny and highly recommended.

After the movie, we sat down to a most excellent though intentionally light meal a la Colette.   

For openers, we had Miso Soup and Spring Rolls with avocado and crab meat in them.  These were  dipped into a soy sauce and wasabi blend.

Next, we had a bed of rice; both white and wild, over which we placed shrimp cooked up in a chili-Lime hot sauce.   We squeezed limes and sprinkled Cilantro over all this.  And there was a salad made of feta cheese, sliced almonds, sliced strawberries, spinach and a vinaigrette dressing.

Finally, for dessert, we had sliced strawberries, blueberries mixed with low-fat diet cake and yogurt all in a tall glass to be spooned out.

A very pleasant and good for us meal.   Colette and I wanted to go out and enjoy some of the most excellent weather outside and Dave elected to just hang out at home so, after sorting out the dishes, off we went.

We went down to the Benicia State Recreation Area which is a bit west of the central part of Benicia and we took an hour and a half walk out to the point and back.   Very nice.  Lots of folks out trying out their new bicycles and roller skates.

We’re back at Dave’s now.   During the day, we’ve all made contact with our various loved ones to send them our holiday wishes.

Colette’s talking on Skype now with one of her sisters and Dave’s lost in a TV series and I’ve been writing this.  A mellow day and a very nice way to spend Christmas.

Tomorrow, Colette and I are going to retrace our steps into San Francisco on the BART System; similar to how we did it a month ago when we came through here heading north.   We plan to hit an art supplies store and revisit the Fillmore neighborhood.   Beyond that, I think we’ll just let the day unfold.

Merry Christmas to all!


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