Bus boss gives his workers an $18m thank you

It was a heavy discussion, but Melbourne’s Grenda family had no trouble agreeing what they would do when they sold their bus business: hand out A$15 million ($18.2 million) in thank-you bonuses to staff.

Based on length of service, that means an average of A$8500 apiece, with some getting A$30,000 or so.

“You only get where you are by having very good people,” family head and business boss Ken Grenda, 79, said.

He told Melbourne Radio 3AW he sat down with sons Geoff and Scott to figure out what they would do when they sold the 67-year-old family business for A$400 million.

“We all had totally the same idea that we’d give something back to our people. So we examined a formula and we all agreed it should be done.”

Grenda Corporation staff were overwhelmed.

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