Ohio Lawmakers Introduced 33 Bills Last Year Based on ALEC Model Legislation

– Thank tanks created and supported by Corporate America generating lists of legislation that would be ideal for their interests.   And now they are funneling these ‘suggestions’ into their croneys in the Ohio legislature and working to get them passed as law.

– Stories like this make it pretty hard to argue that the corporate world has not captured significant parts of the American political process.


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The American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) influence weighs heavy in the Ohio’s GOP-controlled legislature, where brazen attempts to crush the collective bargaining rights of public workers and change voting rules in favor of Republicans have made national headlines in recent months. Over the past year,Ohio lawmakers introduced 33 bills that are identical to or “appear to contain” elements of the ALEC’s infamous model legislation that promotes a pro-corporate agenda, according to a report released this week by watchdog groups.

At least nine of the 33 bills have passed the State Legislature, including the now-defunct Senate Bill 5, which was poised to strip public employees of collective bargaining rights until Ohioans overwhelmingly voted for a repeal in November.

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