Skype and Colette

One of the constants in this long and wandering trip of mine has been Skype.   It has, thankfully, allowed me to stay in touch with my partner, Colette.  

We’ve done Skype video sessions nearly every evening; with her in New Zealand and me in whatever place I’m currently visiting – sharing the small stories of what’s happened to us on the day.  Indeed, on the days when a lack of Internet access have prevented these sessions, I’ve felt like an essential part of my day has been missing.

Between International texting, E-Mails, digital photos, small video clips and our Skype sessions, we’ve probably stayed in better communications on this trip than we’ve typically done when I’m in New Zealand and we’re living together.

So, here’s to Skype and the Internet.  And, here’s even more especially to Colette, my sweet and patient partner.

One Response to “Skype and Colette”

  1. Kathy says:

    Awww, that’s sweet! And not bad given the 5 hour time difference. Bruce & I are talking about every three days — the 8 hour time difference proves to be a bit more challenging! But, yeah, yay for Skype and cheap phone cards/plans! See you on the other side this summer!