Collective Consciousness

– I became aware in the early 90’s of research coming out of Duke University about focused human intentions being able to alter random number generators in a statistically significant manner.

– Interest in such phenomenon continues.   Here’s an article out of Berlin from 2007 on the subject: .

– And here’s an entire list of papers on psychokinesis which include such phenomenon as a subset:  

– All very interesting.   It caught my attention back then because it looks like a computer literate person could perform such experiments at home to confirm or deny the hypothesis.

I used a U238 source

– It occurred to me, after reading the initial stuff from Duke, that they were using entire computers to generate sequences of random numbers which meant that the collective human intention force was trying to manipulate the behavior of sizable collections of mass (in the form of the computer).  

– I reasoned that since radioactive decay is a random process and since it is the fission of individual atoms that causes it and since individual atoms are, by virtue of their size, quantum scale objects, then it might be reasonable to think that human intention directed towards manipulating radioactive decay might be a more sensitive way to ‘see’ the effects of the intention.  

– I actually collected the materials to do the experiments (a radioactive source and a Geiger Counter with a computer interface) but it never happened as we purchased a business about then and all spare time evaporated.

– dennis

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Have you ever experienced a time when the collective enthusiasm of a large event seemed to rise to such a peak that you could almost feel a crackle in the air? Or felt a haunting sense in the air while visiting a place that caused sadness or suffering for thousands of people? Provocative evidence suggests that there are significant departures from chance expectation in the outputs of random number generators (electronic devices that produce truly random bits, or sequences of zeros and ones) during times of collective upheaval, global crises and major celebrations.

This year, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, along with several collaborators, conducted an exploratory experiment at Black Rock City, the temporary city created each year in the Nevada desert for the festival known as Burning Man. Burning Man is a week-long event that attracts upwards of 50,000 people. It is unique in its concentrated intensity, isolation, and collective intention, culminating with the burning of a large man-shaped effigy at the center of Black Rock City on Saturday night. See this article in the Atlantic magazine to get a feeling for the event, or these pictures in Rolling Stone magazine.

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– Research thanks to Chris G.


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  1. bruce says:

    Thanks Dennis! I have looked at the GCP on and off through the years, but didn’t know they did something at burning man!

    the playa environment definitely produces non-random occurences fairly frequently. Pretty amazing place to be, though not always easy.