Tobacco and the manipulation of public perception for corporate profit

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– There’s a campaign running here in New Zealand on TV and, perhaps on radio and newsprint as well.   It’s called and it’s put on by British American Tobacco New Zealand. It’s a subtle and devious plot to convince voters here in New Zealand that letting the New Zealand government legislate cigarette packaging is tantamount to the government taking away people’s choice and freedom to decide things for themselves.

Thus they try to convince people that the issue they are defending is the right of the people to make their own choices.

But, in fact, they are protecting their own profits.  They are placing their rights to their profits above the health of the people they are selling their products to. And they are placing their rights to their profits above the rights of a government to protect it own people against predatory Capitalism.

Want this?

There are growing complaints about this advertising campaign.  As I agree there should be.  This sort of thing is repugnant.  These folks are selling products that are clearly shown to damage other people’s health.

If you have any doubts about what these snakes are up to (how do they face themselves in the mirror each morning?), then check this story out.

– dennis




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