Cicada 3301

– I’ve been a programmer and systems analyst most of my life.  I started with computers the year before I graduated from university (1976) and I’ve loved the work ever since.   Indeed, I threw over the career that my degree in Microbiology qualified me for to pursue the new (then) world of computers.

– I’ve been all around the block with this career, as you might expect, given the years I’ve spent in it.   And I was lucky (or brash enough) to have found my self in widely disparate areas of the field ranging from applications, web-based and database work to the lowest levels of operating systems written in assembly language.   

– But, no matter how much you’ve seen and how far down the rabbit hole you’ve wandered, there’s always more.  The following article brought that home to me clearly.  

– The Internet that we know is not the Internet that actually exists.  Beyond what most of us have seen as either users or programmers, there’s still another entire world out there.

– Digital spelunking, anyone?   I’ve posted links to two articles you may enjoy, below.

– dennis

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tunnelsWikipedia’s take

A first hand account

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  1. Alan says:

    That…was…cool! Oh, were I 14 years old again.