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2017-12-26 – In the land of Duality

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

We are all here in the land of duality, in the land of partial understandings, in the land of limited intelligence.

We can progress and we can learn and, to some extent, we can transcend.

But why do we want to insist that we can come to the end, now? To think that we can come to the unity, to the final understanding that there is no more to understand, to the place where the choices cease and being is all there is?

Clearly, to me, we’re not there and we’re unlikely to get there or be there except in a way that is severely limited by our intelligence and awareness. We are just on one step on the stairway to heaven that has more steps upward than we can begin to imagine from here.

Yes, I can cease here with thought and feel existence being in, through and around me (though they all are one).

But this experience is partial, it is temporally limited, it is and has to be only part of what-is. I cannot shed my skin here born and bred of duality and the world of cause and effect.

Yes, I can stop and say I am giving up choice because I think that’s what lies at the end of the road. But that seems to me to be a hugely premature stopping.

I simply haven’t the the grasp or reach to attain any ‘I’ve got it all’ state.

For me, part of the deep acceptance of my place in existence is to realize that we’re on the road and the road is long and we will not complete the road in these clothes.

And yet, still, the road draws us onward. Blessed be the road for it is all we have.

And when I need refreshment, I stop doing and let the silence and being-ness fill me. Then refreshed, I come to the road again and the endless questions that arise to ask and the illusions to be seen through.

I sense progress and I currently do not think there is anything else.