About My Categories

Book Reviews – obvious….

CounterCurrents – Articles of a scientific nature that seem to go against the Perfect Storm Hypothesis.

Culture – How not to do it – Cultural practices that I think the world would be better off without not withstanding ideas about global multi-culturalism.

General – will be where I post generic stuff that doesn’t naturally fit elsewhere.

Politics – The Right Way – Political ideas, actions and systems that I think are good models for humanity’s future.

Politics – The Wrong Way – This is where I will post my rants on various aspects of US and global politics which I find particularly unsavory.

(The) Perfect Storm – This category will contain all material about the central theme of this blog which is explained in this blog’s First Light post. I’m not happy with this phrase, ‘The Perfect Storm’. I’d like to find something more succinct, pithy and intuitive with which to refer to the theme. Any and all comments and ideas on this will be much appreciated.

Personal – My own day to day observations and reflections.

Philosophical – Ideas that are interesting, off the beaten track, fun to think about, etc.

Poetry – A long term personal passion of mine. There will be a few of these here but most of my poetry now exists over at www.samadhimuse.com

Religion – As it Should Be – Things that unite rather than divide.

Religion – How Not To Do It – Rants against extremisms and fundamentalisms of all kinds.

Science – anything from the world of science that catches my eye.

Technical – This will be a collection of pages which capture hard-won technical information which may be of use to someone else out there. It will be subdivided into Hardware, Software and Other for now.

The Plan – The need for a radical alternative to where the Perfect Storm is taking us now under the influence of our Biological Imperatives.

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