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080330 – New posting in the Philosophy Area

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

– I’ve made a new page in my Philosophy Area entitled, The Really Big Questions. If you like your questions big, I suggest you might like to read it <smile>.

First ‘Rule’ Of Evolution Suggests That Life Is Destined To Become More Complex

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

– I don’t find the core idea here at all surprising.  Evolution is an arms race between those evolving and better perceptions, better reasoning and better equipment are what it is all about.  All of these lead to higher complexity.

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Researchers have found evidence which suggests that evolution drives animals to become increasingly more complex.

Looking back through the last 550 million years of the fossil catalogue to the present day, the team investigated the different evolutionary branches of the crustacean family tree.

They were seeking examples along the tree where animals evolved that were simpler than their ancestors.

Instead they found organisms with increasingly more complex structures and features, suggesting that there is some mechanism driving change in this direction.