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080214 – Moving a big Japanese Maple

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

My wife and I make our living running a wholesale/retail nursery ( Yes, I know selling plants and trees sounds miles off from most of what I Blog about here on Samadhisoft but it’s true – it is what we do to make our money.

Digging it out.One of the specialty things we do is to occasionally rescue Japanese Maples. Today and yesterday, we rescued a large one from a yard in Lake Stevens about 10 miles away and brought it here to our nursery. Lifting it up.I say, ‘we’ did it but in truth my wife and I just supervised and all of the hard and skilled work was done our friend and business associate Manuel Rodriguez along with the very able assistance of two workers from our nursery; Jesus and Dino.

Transporting it.Along the way, we met a photographer and a reporter from the Herald in Everett, Washington. These two folks came out to do a story for the paper on rescuing Japanese Maples. So, that was a lot of fun for us and great advertising as well.Taking it off at the nursery.   My, that is HEAVY!

Everything went well, thanks to the skill of the people involved, and the tree is here now in our nursery safe and sound. Now, I can get back to all that pesky accounting that piled up while I was off in new Zealand.
In it’s new home and ready for spring sales.Cheers!